Wealth and Asset Management Services for Asset-Rich Families and Businesses

Wealth management spans across different financial services and products, including portfolio management, financial planning, investment advisory, estate planning, tax and accounting services, and estate planning, among others. Financial institutions offer complex and advanced solutions to multinationals, non-bank entities, and local businesses. Bankers have extensive industry experience across different sectors, including corporate card services, finance management, and others.

Wealth Management Services

Private banks offer a selection of services to high net worth individuals, families, and businesses, including succession planning, philanthropy services, and investment advice. Bankers serve key clients, charitable organizations, entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals. They offer financial services and wealth advisory to help customers manage their wealth and make tax-efficient investments. In addition, private bankers offer custom insurance solutions, asset protection, and international and domestic estate planning. Wealth management services span a wide array of products and activities, including trust services, capital markets execution, comprehensive wealth management, and discretionary investment advice. Financial services are offered to institutions, corporations, and individuals, including corporate and business banking, investment insights, and more. Managers also offer professional advice on charitable activities and donations, inter-generational legacy, and efficient vehicles for giving. Philanthropy services educate and support customers and help them to identify effective levels of involvement, fields, and causes. Wealth advisory and tax advice is also offered to help clients plan their financial future and reach their long-term goals. Specialist services are available to private customers, including wealth planning, transfer of wealth, and strategic borrowing. Risk management helps customers to manage volatility and risk and enhance their investment performance. Managers also offer strategic advice on portfolio diversification.wm

Asset Management

Asset management aims to preserve and increase the value of intangible and tangible assets, including real estate holdings, facilities, goodwill, and intellectual property.

Brookfield Asset Management

Managers help investors to achieve high shareholder returns and manage assets such as renewable power facilities, office buildings, commercial properties, and others. Brookfield Asset Management specializes in infrastructure assets such as timber, utilities, transportation, and energy. The company develops, manages, and operates real estate holdings in Australia, Europe, and North America.

Burgundy Asset Management

Customers benefit from investment management, including family offices, endowments, foundations, and private customers. Burgundy Asset Management offers the full array of management services through its operations and compliance, relationship management, and investment team. The goal is to build strong and lasting client relationships and help customers build wealth.

Credential Asset Management and Mutual Funds

Credential Asset Management specializes in mutual funds and offers clients access to a number of vehicles. Customers are offered the chance to invest in mutual funds such as AIC, Fidelity, AGF, and many others. Investors in Canada can choose from over 4,000 funds available, along with flexible solutions such as RESPs, RRIFs, RRSPs, and term deposits. Credential Asset Management also offers merchant and small business financing programs, commercial leasing, and business accounts.

Financial Planning and Services

Financial planners and financial advisors help customers to organize their finances and offer services such as estate and tax planning, insurance, investment, and retirement planning, and risk and cash flow management. They use different strategies and methods to predict asset values and cash flows. Financial planning helps businesses to achieve their short- and long-term strategic goals and develop financial plans for customers.

Investment Banking

Investment bankers serve governmental agencies, corporations, and individual customers. They help clients with complex and large transactions, lend money, and offer strategic advice. Bankers offer corporate finance advisory, structured solutions, and ratings advisory. Investment advisors focus on securitized products, analytics, derivatives, securities, and commercial banking. Offshore banking is another options, with banks usually located in low tax jurisdictions. They offer a selection of financial products and multiple benefits, including tax efficiency, expat advice and expertise, and a selection of investment and savings products in different currencies. Private banking also covers a range of services and products such as investment-related advice, fund transfers, and various preferential banking services.

Money Management

Different financial institutions offer money management services, including banks and finance companies. Customers are offered a selection of services and tools that allow them to transfer money, review their account activity, and pay bills. Banks also offer savings, checking, high-interest, and money market accounts to help customers manage and grow their savings.

Retirement Planning

There are many plans and flexible solutions for employees who are near retirement. Financial institutions offer retirement planning options and plans such as pension plans, registered retirement savings plans, personal pension plans, and others. Another option is to open a tax-free savings account which can serve as an emergency fund as well. This is also a good idea if you need funds to finance medium- and short-term projects. Other options include locked-in RSPs, locked-in retirement income funds, registered retirement income funds accounts, and others.

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